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News on The Community Chest

Funded predominantly from the profits of Da Ma Cai, The Community Chest funds the establishment, development and advancement of schools and learning institutions which are not-for-profit and which do not receive sufficient funding or aid from the government or from the community. To know more about The Community Chest, please visit us at www.commchest.org.my

Construction of SJK(C) On Pong's new school building completed

Sinchew Daily - Metro, P.08 (11 November 2017)

Wee Ka Siong Allocated 100,000 next year to help refurbish Paya Mengkuang's badminton stadium

Nanyang Siang Pau - P.D6 (23 September 2017)

Wee Ka Siong to allocate 100,000 to refurbish old badmintion stadium into school hall

Sinchew Daily - Melaka Edition, (22 September 2017)

Wee Ka Siong: 100,000 allocation next year to refurbish old badminton stadium into school hall

China Press - Malacca, P.C3 (22 September 2017)

Chua Ma Yu: UTAR needs Chinese teachers’ training college more compared to medical college

Sinchew Daily - National, P.07 (21 August 2017)

Dreams finally came true after 10 years of preparation, Official opening of SJK(C) Khai Chee multi-purpose building

China Press - Metro, P.C5 (20 August 2017)

Seeking Vitality for Chinese Vernacular Schools by Tan Sri Chua Ma Yu

Nanyang Siang Pau (11 June 2017)

Chua Ma Yu: A Band-aid Solution - No Solid Solution for Chinese Education System

Sin Chew Daily - National, P.13 (16 January 2017)

SJK(C) Paya Mengkuang 123 students schooling in new building

Sinchew Daily, Melaka Edition, P.06 (4 January 2017)

SJK(C) Tanjung Sepat New Building’s Foundation Piling Work Begins

Sinchew Daily - Metro, P.12 (14 October 2016)

Receives Donation from Da Ma Cai The Community Chest | SJK(C) Bandar Sungai Long Expresses Gratitude For The Donation

China Press - Metro, P.C7 (7 October 2016)

SJK(C) Khai Chee Raised RM5.55 Million

Nanyang Siang Pau - Prime News, P.B5 (1 August 2016)

School celebrates new block SJK(C) New Kopisan triple-storey building provides 21 classrooms and two administration offices

The Star - Starmetro, P.4 (27 July 2016)

SMJK Keat Hwa, Alor Setar - Kedah

Sin Chew Daily - Metro, P.10 (27 April 2016)

The Community Chest To Develop Vernacular Schools in Long Term

Nanyang Siang Pau, Prime News, P. B6 (21 January 2016)

The Community Chest Continues Accepting Applications

Nanyang Siang Pau, Prime News, P. B5 (20 January 2016)

21 Classroom Setup with New Equipment | SJK(C) Ming Terk Implement Multimedia Education

Guang Ming Daily, Northern (22 November 2015)

Da Ma Cai The Community Chest donate RM7 million to 14 Chinese Schools in Malacca

Nanyang Siang Pau – Prime News P.B5 (2 November 2015)


Da Ma Cai The Community Chest strongly supports Chinese Primary Schools

Oriental Daily News – News, P. A22 (9 August 2015)


Da Ma Cai The Community Chest established ti support Chinese primary schools and education

Sin Chew Daily – National, P.19 (28 June 2015)


A totality education policies required to support Chinese Education

Nanyang Siang Pau – Prime News P.B4 (28 June 2015)


2 Project Managers from The Community Chest by Da Ma Cai Visit SJKC Min Terk New School Block to Inspect the Progress

Kwong Wah Yit Poh - National, A11 (1 June 2015)

The Community Chest by Da Ma Cai Visited SJKC Mawai - Donate RM400k to Assist in Building School Hall

Sin Chew Daily - Metro, C.7 (12 May 2015)

Official Opening Ceremony for SJKC Jementah Multi-purpose Hall

China Press - Metro, C.4 (27 April 2015)

The Community Chest to Mould "The Chinese Primary Schools of Hope"

Sin Chew Daily - National, P.16 (18 November 2014)

Da Ma Cai Will Fully Assist Chinese Primary Schools

China Press - National, A.10 (14 October 2014)


SJK (C) Wangsa Maju in Taman Danau Desa to be completed in November

The Star – Metro, P.4 (2 October 2014)

SJKC Wangsa Maju to enroll more students

China Press - KL/ Sel, C.11 (02 October 2014)

Fund Raising for SMJK Phor Tay Activities Hall - The Community Chest Donates RM1mil

China Press - Northern, C.09 (16 August 2014)

SJKC Aik Thee, Kuala Selangor Received Donation for Covered Walkway

Nanyang Siang Pau - KL/Sel, P.C.8 (26 November 2013)

Ground Breaking Ceremony for SJKC On Pong School Building

Nanyang Siang Pau - KL/Sel, P.C.6 (9 November 2013)

Built On Monsoon Drain - SJK(C) Mun Yee Starts To Utilise The Field

Sin Chew Daily – Metro, P.17 (26 October 2013)

SJK(C) Telemong, Bentong Received Funding To Build Hall

Oriental Daily – National, P.MC7 (29 March 2013)

Doing Their Bit For The Community

The Star Online – Education (11 November 2012)

ENTREPRENEURS are stepping up to contribute to the country’s education needs.

Founded by a group of prominent contributors and mainly funded by Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd, The Community Chest was launched on Sept 26 last year to promote and support education through funding.

At a recent ceremony to launch its website, a third batch of funds amounting to RM38.3 mil was distributed to 196 schools in the Klang Valley.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who presented the mock cheques to the school representatives, said that with the contribution from The Community Chest along with allocations from the Government, facilities could now be provided for vernacular and mission schools.

“Every school will get a fair share from the Government and the private sector,” he said, adding that this was an example of a “public private partnership”.

Since its launch, The Community Chest has already approved an allocation of about RM100mil for 302 different vernacular and mission schools.

The Community Chest honorary trustee Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar added that besides its success in providing donations for over 300 schools, the organisation had also managed to keep its operating expenses low.

“We have already received donations amounting to a few hundred thousand ringgit within the past year.

This, I believe, is a huge feat for any charitable organisation,” he said.

Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd managing director Tan Kong Han said most of the money spent went towards the travelling costs of volunteers.

Tan explained that volunteers had to visit the various schools in order to determine the problems the schools faced and how urgent their needs were.

“Before we launched our site, we had a temporary website. We had more than 400 schools which had written in to request for aid,” he said. He said a “paper evaluation” was carried out after the requests were made. Follow-up calls were later made to the schools for more information.

Finally volunteers visited the schools for further details and interviews, Tan added.

“There were some schools that experienced flooding every morning. For such cases, no further explanations were necessary,” he said.

Tan said that other corporations could get involved in different ways. “Those who donate are able to get a tax exemption. Companies can also get their employees to be involved as volunteers or even provide raw materials.

Tan said that the The Community Chest’s aim was to provide whatever the pupils needed. The organisation even paid the wages of two teachers in rural schools in Sarawak every month.

Tan said that he hoped other corporations or tycoons would learn from The Community Chest’s model and come up with their own variations.

“For example, tycoons can set up a trust and put money into that. They can also choose other causes to support,” he added.

Najib Praises Community Chest For School Aid

New Straits Times – Prime News, P.4 (2 November 2012)

Community Chest dishes out RM38.3mil to 196 vernacular, mission schools

The Star Online – Nation (1 November 2012)

AMPANG: Independent charitable organization Community Chest has dished out RM38.3mil to 196 Chinese, Tamil and missionary schools so far this year.

One of the most successful private sector initiative to raise funds for education so far, this latest effort brings their total allocation to RM100.2mil handed out to 302 such schools around the country since its launch in September last year.

"The Education sector always takes up the largest chunk of the national budget, but sometimes we don't have enough to spread it around all the schools in the country.

"So we need additional resources and I am very happy with this Government and private partnership in the Community Chest," said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak before presenting mock cheques to 78 of the 196 recipient schools in SJK(C) On Pong here Thursday.

"However, this does not mean that the Government will not give more attention to vernacular and mission schools," he said, adding that since 2009, some RM1.2bil have been allocated to such schools.

The Community Chest is founded by a group of prominent contributors led by some of Malaysia's most successful and distinguished entrepreneurs.

It is funded predominantly from the profits of horse race betting company Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd. (PMP).

"I hope that the Community Chest can be a growing concern with more profits every year to be channeled to the fund, if we can suppress illegal gambling," said Najib.

It is managed by a Board of Trustees including Genting Bhd deputy chairman Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar, Genting Group chairman Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Lion Group chairman Tan Sri William Cheng and Hong Leong Finance Berhad chairman Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan.

Also at the function were MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, Minister in Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Deputy Education Minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong.

Government Committed To Helping All Schools - Najib

Bernama News Online (1 November 2012)

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 1 (Bernama) -- The government is sincere in helping all types of school in the country and channels allocations fairly, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today.

He said the allocation for the education sector provided by the government all these while showed its commitment to turn out an educated society.

He said this was because the education sector was among the most critical catalysts in transforming Malaysia towards a high income nation.

"We are proud that the government always places priority on education especially in the context of funding. And from the allocations the government can set aside every year, education receives the highest amount," he said.

He said this before handing over a replica cheque of RM38.3 million for 80 of 196 selected national-type and missionary schools nationwide, at Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) On Pong, here.

The cheque was contributed by the Community Chest, an independent, apolitical and non-ideological charitable organisation.

Najib said since 2009, the government had allocated more than RM1.2 billion for the infrastructural development of Chinese, Tamil and Missionary government- aided schools.

He added that this included an allocation of RM100 million each to the government-aided schools in question, through Budget 2012 and 2013.

The Prime Minister said the government was aware more needed to be done to strengthen the education sector in terms of schools' physical and infrastructural development and boosting the quality of teaching and learning.

Najib said it was hoped that the cooperation between the government and non-governmental organisations in assisting school would be a continuous effort towards developing the education sector.

"I am proud of the dedication demonstrated by Community Chest in working with the government to channel funds to schools nationwide," said Najib.

The Prime Minister said cooperation between the Community Chest and the government clearly fulfilled promises through contributions of RM100.2 million since the welfare fund was launched in September last year.

"This is our principle, whereby promises are made to the people and fulfilled for the people," he said.

Also present were Community Chest Board of Trustees member Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, Deputy Foreign Minister A.Kohillan Pillay, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and PPP president Datuk M.Kayveas.

Community Chest Is A Plus But Not A Substitute

The Star (28 September 2011)

IF there is any sector in Malaysia that can always do with more support, it is education. To this end, several top tycoons have come together to ensure that vernacular and mission schools nationwide receive at least RM100mil annually.

Already, The Community Chest has disbursed RM26.1mil to 61 schools at Monday's launch. The charitable foundation's promising and novel approach will benefit all Malaysians irrespective of ethnicity.

Education is a vital sector unlike all others. It is vast, pivotal and definitive, as it determines the future of Malaysians and Malaysia.

It also requires continuously substantial inputs, particularly for a developing country. In Malaysia, education consistently occupies the top tier of national priorities.

National expenditure on education is therefore more than simply budgetary expenditure. It is also a national investment, and an investment in the nation's future.

And since education serves all citizens, it should never be politicised to become a partisan issue. Wherever and whenever the sector receives a boost, that should be welcomed by all.

But educational needs are considerable and expanding, so even the private sector's best efforts cannot fully replace Federal funding. A generous combination of private and industry donors still cannot fully satisfy these needs, particularly as the population grows.

For The Community Chest to derive substantial inputs from the gaming industry takes the industry, indeed the private sector as a whole, to a new level in corporate social responsibility. This would not “encourage” more people to gamble any more than the social welfare projects of the Social Welfare Lottery once did.

The question is not the status of the gaming industry in the country. Rather, it is how some of the proceeds from the industry can be channelled into socially constructive ends.

Admittedly, there can be few ends more deserving than education. The gaming industry has set a positive example in corporate citizenship that other industries might yet emulate.

The Community Chest is an effort that should complement and not substitute public sector funding. To be a value-added factor, it must not signal the start of a process of marginalising vernacular and mission schools. Education remains a prime responsibility of the Federal Government.

Government resources must therefore rema in within easy reach whenever vernacular or mission schools need help, which they will from time to time.

If Federal funds need to be complemented by private sources such as The Community Chest, the heavy responsibility of education surely cannot fall on the shoulders of the private sector alone.


PM Commends Private Initiatives To Meet Education Needs

Borneo Post Online – Nation (27 September 2011)

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said private initiatives are much appreciated in the development of national education as the government alone is unable to meet all educational needs.

He said although the government had provided substantial allocations, they were insufficient as the field of education required greater expenditure.

“A lot more allocations have to be provided at all levels if we want to make our education sector to be among the best. There is no government in the world that can fund education all by itself,” he said when launching the ‘Community Chest’ education fund here yesterday.

The private sector-driven fund aims to promote and support education for the benefit of the Malaysian community.

It also provides scholarships and help eligible and deserving students gain access to quality education.

Najib said he was delighted that the private sector was able to look at more creative solutions to support education in the country.


Charity Chest - Multi-million ringgit fund to help vernacular and mission school

The Star – Nation, P.1 (27 September 2011)

The country's top business tycoons have set up a charity foundation, known as the Community Chest, that would meet the educational needs of the vernacular and mission schools.

The chest promises to dispense at least RM100mil a year to help Chinese and Tamil-national type schools and mission schools throughout the country.


RM100m Education Aid - Vernacular And Mission Schools To Benefit From Community Chest

The Star – Nation, P.16 (27 September 2011)

Vernacular and mission schools int he country can now seek assistance from a new charity foundation - The Community Chest - set up by the country's top business tycoons.


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