22 Apr 2018 (Sun) - The 1+3D Jackpot 2 amount of RM 113,925.40 has been won on System Bet in Johor.

Numbers Forecast Operations

Oversees and manages the core gaming business operation which will involve primarily:

  • The management of agency retail outlet which include optimum sales productivity, outlet customer services, compliance with regulatory and operations.
  • Planning and implementation of sales and marketing strategy and product development to achieve NFO growth objectives.
  • Responsible for new product development and game variation as well as to manage the business risk to the Company, customers and interest of stakeholders.


Key Activities:

  • Manage the outlet agency relationship in ensuring agent compliance with Company’s initiatives, procedures and policies e.g. retail sales, settlement process, prize payout services and outlet compliance;
  • Plan & implement sales and marketing plan to ensure effective control to achieve sales and marketing objective consistent with Company’s branding and image;
  • Manage and monitor the gaming systems standard operating procedures to ensure that all draws are conducted to the highest standards of integrity and security; and
  • Identify, assess and advise on any potential risks to the Numbers Forecast Business.
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