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Information Technology

Oversees the development, deployment, operations and maintain a vast and complex network of terminals, desktop workstations, digital office equipment and networking equipment, operating systems and servers.

The key systems include the core gaming system and the gaming network, financial business systems, data warehouses, e-mail, web sites and portals.

 IT department comprises of the following teams :

  1. IT Operations
  2. Application Services (Gaming & Non-Gaming)
  3. Infrastructure Services
  4. Network Services


Key Activities:

  • Strategise and plan for  future technology directions and manage the IT architecture;
  • Manage the company’s hardware, software and communications;
  • Provide advisory and guidance  from technology selection to deployment, troubleshooting as well as disposal;
  • Maintain information security, uptime and availability ; and
  • Effective project planning and management of all technology related projects, ensuring that it deliver business value.
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