22 Apr 2018 (Sun) - The 1+3D Jackpot 2 amount of RM 113,925.40 has been won on System Bet in Johor.


Operates and manages the telephone betting channel for Da Ma Cai which comprises of the dmcGO mobile betting app and call centre betting.

Key Activities:

  • Grow the telephone betting business by recruiting customers to increase the dmcGO account base;
  • Plan and execute business strategies and marketing plans to increase the telephone betting sales;
  • Operate and manage the dmcGO call centre which provides both betting and customer service facilities;
  • Provide customer service and support via the dmcGO Call Centre, website and online customer portal;
  • Manages both online and physical topping up channels as well as withdrawal channels for dmcGO customers; and
  • Continuously develop new features and services for the dmcGO iOS and Android apps to enhance customers’ mobile betting experience.
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